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  • Magdalena Mecweld - Yin Yoga
  • Magdalena Mecweld - Yin yoga
  • Magdalena Mecweld

    Learn how to
    teach Yin yoga

    The courses are intended for those who already teach yoga, but also for those who want to deepen and consolidate their own yoga practice. Read more

  • Magdalena Mecweld

    Yin Yoga
    What is it?

    Yin-yoga is focusing on the yin-parts of the body such as the skeleton, the connective tissue, ligaments, inner organs and the so-called meridians. The simple poses are always performed lying or sitting down. Read more

  • Magdalena Mecweld

    About Magdalena

    I see life as a meditation and retreat, always trying to be aware of all of life’s events. It is not what happens on the mat or the cusion that is interesting, it is what happens when life presses, stresses us, when things are not the way we want... Read more