Newsletter from us, MAY…


Here you can read the latest Newsletter from us (May). We usually send it 3-6 days before we publish it here. Please subscribe to it if you would like to get our information about Workshops, TTC:s, Travels etc. beforehand (just put your email here on this page down below). Thank you! Much love Magdalena

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Yin Yoga Earth Sequence


This is an easy Yin sequence you are encouraged to practise when ever you feel off the ground and in your head. It creates a balance in the Earth Element (according to the Five Elements Theory (Traditional Chinese Medicine)). It calms the mind and settles the body. Also, to stimulate the acu point Spleen 6 is…

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Yinmagdalenas earthy Earth soup!


This soup was inspired by the many similar soups we ate for breakfast/lunch in Burma. I could eat it every day. I can not grow tired of them. It’s almost like a hot salad, because you put the greens at the end so they are still crispy. At the same time you put a lot…

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