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Green Grass Yin-yoga

Here is a universal sequence you can do once a week! Wish you a happy summer! Magdalena Square, SquareOther side, Puppy, Half Butterfy, Other side, Sitting Swan, Sleeping Swan, Other side, Other side, Seal, Sfinx, Squat 1, Squat 2. Finish with Legs up the wall or/and Depp Relaxation!

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Yinyoga-sequence for Love & Light!

I asked my friend Irena Taneva, a fellow yogateacher, to do some Serenity Yin with me. Since we were at Sampoorna Yogas ( breathtaking top-shala and Mats was also around with his camera we decided to take some pictures. This sequence has a nice blend of challenging positions (more yang-energy) and soft, easy positions (more yin). It’s…

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