Super-Hipopener-Sequence this Summer!


We brought a blanket, the Ipad with my Yinyoga-app, Mats old IPhone and took some photos of me at the lake here in Roslagen while I was performing this super-hip-opener-sequence. You can do exactly this sequence with your own Yinyoga-App! Just press the “heart” on the left of the selected position and it will be placed in your  “My Sequence” -folder!…

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My Yin yoga App!!


My popular Yinyoga-app is now ready for download for both I-phones and Android! In this app I talk you thru all the Yin yoga sequences. Its like having me at home! You can choose from many different sequences suitable for all of lifes situations. It is After Work, At Work, Revitalization and so on. Also –…

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Is Yin yoga dangerous?


is a question I received from an anxious person in Goa (and that I get now and then). It was obvious that some yoga teachers had claimed it, which was a bit clumsy and kind of reckless. It made me sad, because this troubled person had gladly done Yin yoga with the help of my book…

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The art of letting go…


is what spirituality is all about. And it is an art. Something you need to learn. Letting go of thoughts, feelings things , places … to let go of your own texts and formulations. I just wrote a looooong blog post where I talked about everything we have done here in Thailand – I added some funny jokes…

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Yin yoga for stiff guys


Here is Mats favorite sequence. It opens the hips and hamstrings! Stay in each pose for 3 – 5 minutes (and remember to switch side).

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What Yin Yoga means to me?


FÖR SVENSKA KLICKA HÄR! In the Film above you can watch me explaining what Yinyoga means to me… All yoga teacher have their view of Yinyoga. Most teach in other styles, for them Yinyoga is a  complimentary, small extra part in the teaching. When I began teaching Yinyoga 2007 at Naomi Grosins studio InBalance Yoga…

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Yinyoga in Greece


I was doing some Yin Yoga on a beach in the Greek Dodekaneses, when a woman approached me and asked if she could join. Her name was Maria and she was from Alexandroupoli. She has tried some yoga but she didn’t liked how the teacher forced her into the positions so she stopped. Instead she…

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