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Metta Bhavana Meditation, Loving Kindness (eng), 24.34 min.



Metta means ”All embracing Love”, ”kindness”, friendliness, and Bhavana means cultivation. This meditation is a universal remedy for suffering. A kind of heart medicine. Anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, negativity and hatred can all reduce or completely cease with Metta. There are countless descriptions of Metta’s magical effects, especially if its your daily practice. You can do Metta anytime in any position but its important that the body doesn’t experience too much uncomfortable sensations, so choose a position you are really comfortable in. Sitting in a chair is fine as well as lying down.
You can do this meditation in a shorter version, for example if you have less time or feel that the person who needs the most Metta is you, then only practice Metta for your self.