Which 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training should I choose?


Is a question we sometimes get. Many of those who attend our own Yin yoga Intensives are already certified yoga teachers, they want to get an in-depth knowledge on Yin yoga, but some have a different background than yoga. They may go to a Yin yoga training to add another tool to their professions such as psychologists, doctors, massage therapists or the like. Others attend the courses for their own sake. They want to learn more about the whole foundation of Yin yoga. Whatever the motivation, every now and then a question arises… ”If you would to do a 200-hour basic yoga teacher training, what should you choose?” Firstly, I usually reply that a basic yoga teacher training is a good base, but it takes years of practice and dedication (as with everything else) to be able to feel completely at home in the role. Secondly, in addition to quality (teacher / tradition), one should also take into account finances, time and place. So, apart from which yoga tradition / teacher you should attend your basic training, the cost is an adequate question, and – how much time you have…

Prices vary enormously. If you stay in Sweden and conduct a 200-hour at a popular studio, it costs from about 30 thousand, but rather up to 50 thousand SEK! Without food or accommodation. Or literature. Just the course. The advantage is that you do not have to travel far -save the ens viromet, the education usually extends over a longer period and you can work at the same time, maybe be near your family. If you choose a short and intensive  TTC abroad, the price can be significantly lower and often also include food and accommodation.

It was more then ten years ago I finished my basic 250 hour TTC with Sajt PK at Vashishtayoga. Later also with Kristina Karitinou and now lately with Bernie Clark. Read more about my own background here. But I have been close to persons who did study at a 200 hr TTC, my partner Mats (five years ago) and just recently my daughter Bianca.

At Agonda Beach in Goa, India, yes, right there, right on the beautiful beach among cashew trees, is a yoga school that our friend Deepak opened many years ago, Sampoorna Yoga School, http://www.sampoornayoga.com . Because Agonda was “our” beach for many years, we were there in 2006 for the first time when Agonda was a tourist empty paradise and returned every year, it became natural for Mats to go to that training. The yoga tradition is classical ashtanga and vinyasa yoga.The teachers were fantastic. The school hired international teachers who held the teaching itself. Mats had Rock Lockyer and Josefin Bengtsson as his main teachers for example. About four years ago, Deepak left Agonda. Instead, the chief principle became the very competent Sudhir Rishi and his wife Veena Rishi. The couple has a classic attitude to yoga and meditation. At the same time, a modern and progressive yoga view is taken in by continuing to employ American, English and other international top-teachers.

Old, solid tradition marries modern anatomy, pedagogy and other fun. It was for this reason (and for the beautiful Agonda) that my daughter Bianca also chose Sampoorna for her basic 200-hour training as a yoga teacher this year. With Sudhir and the other teachers, it can’t go wrong. Sudhir himself is academically trained in Indian philosophy and meditation and holds that part of the education while his wife Veena teaches Ayurveda.

If one should mention some disadvantages with such intensive monthly trainings, it is that they are very intense. I myself was completely exhausted after the month I went for my first Teacher Training with Saji PK at https://vasishtayoga.org. At Sampoorna, there are many participants in each class as the school has become one of the most popular in India. Nevertheless, it still seemed to be warm, intimate and lovely atmosphere. Not to mention the food and environments. When I was there last winter to visit Bianca, I saw very little of her. She was busy from morning to evening. It was reading, reading, reading, studying. Practice yoga, practice, practice. You are, for example, tried to teach a class for the other students from the first day! And in the end, it’s a tough exam. Both Bianca, Mats and also our friends Sabina, Johanna and Weronika Mrowczyk are very happy with their basic TTC (also several other of our students have attended this training).

So to go back to what to choose…. One tip is to check out Tripadvisor for example (when it comes to the TTC:s in India) and ask others who have taken the course. And feel your way. Whatever training you choose, remember again that you do not automatically become a good yoga teacher just because you have passed a 200-hour TTC. It takes many years, more self-study, whole-hearted interest, commitment and above all teaching. Simply maturity, self-awareness and the desire to help / refine oneself and others through the healing power of yoga.

Good luck!


“If you want to master something – teach it.” Yogi Bajan


Bianca at Agonda beach