The pressure to “manifesting” right


This text has been posted on Instagram and got a lot of grateful comments

Believing that one creates/manifests their own life can feel comforting. For many years, I lived by that principle myself. Until I became seriously ill with Graves’ disease (an autoimmune thyroid disease). I felt like it was my fault. That I had, so to speak, “manifested” wrong, eaten wrong, thought wrong, etc.

It became harsh and cruel. Guilt and shame. A loneliness in all the horror. Some well-meaning friends exacerbated the feeling by giving tips and “good” advice. If only I ate right, thought right, and fixed the energies, I would get well… I only got worse. Eventually, I chose topress take chemotherapy for 2 years but also made many changes in my life. I quit smoking, drinking alcohol, discovered Yin yoga, started psychotherapy, and began meditating daily.

After the chemotherapy, I was declared healthy, and since then (2006), I have not had any problems with my thyroid. But – if I hadn’t gotten well, my life would probably have been okay anyway. I would have had the gland removed and then taken levothyroxine and lived my life like so many in the world do.

Illness comes and goes and is part of life. Death is always near. It is the loving ❤️ attitude towards ourselves that matters. Not everything depends on me and how well I manifest, wish, or want. What I eat, drink, or the like. It can help – sometimes… but it’s not everything. Genes, chance, and so many other components in this universe also contribute.

So remember to be kind to yourself, humble, dare to be weak and confused – embrace all sides! Let go of the pressure to be so damn happy, successful, and healthy.

I choose to reject certainty. For life is a mystery. Yes, I plan and have goals in life, but I focus more on creating conditions in the present to “reach” these. Then I leave the rest to life… it becomes what it becomes… We actually don’t know much…

“I don’t know” is therefore my mantra for this year! ❤️