I asked my friend Irena Taneva, a fellow yogateacher, to do some Serenity Yin with me. Since we were at Sampoorna Yogas (www.sampoornayoga.com) breathtaking top-shala and Mats was also around with his camera we decided to take some pictures. This sequence has a nice blend of challenging positions (more yang-energy) and soft, easy positions (more yin).

It’s easy to do any time of the day, it softly stretches the groins, hamstrings, seat-muscles and the chest. We stimulate the kidney-meridians as well as the liver-meridians. So its both calming and detoxifying.

Stay in the positions for up to 6 minutes, but please come out of them if you feel strong stabbing pain or in any way feel discomfort.

Remember to relax and enjoy!

Much Love!



Light yin

1. Butterfly

Butterfly (2)


2. Reversed Butterfly

Rever Butterfly


3. Twist



4. Sphinx

Sphinx (1)


5. Squat

Squat (1)


6. Dragon Right leg

Dragon (1)



Swan (1)


8. Dragon left leg


9. Swan left leg


10. Supported bridge

Supp bridge (1)


11. Savasana