What Yin Yoga means to me?



In the Film above you can watch me explaining what Yinyoga means to me…

All yoga teacher have their view of Yinyoga. Most teach in other styles, for them Yinyoga is a  complimentary, small extra part in the teaching.
When I began teaching Yinyoga 2007 at Naomi Grosins studio InBalance Yoga in Stockholm, nobody knew what Yinyoga was. There were three or four people (some of them are still with me!) attending the classes, I had  Sarah Powers yoga book with me and followed her sequences in it (as a teacher!). I had already been teaching Ashtanga yoga since 2003, but grew tired of teaching it,  it took so much  commitment, so much time. I was practicing ashtanga, and loved it, but to teach it felt overwhelming. When Yinyoga came into my life (2006), it was like a revolution, as it often is the case for many. It was a shock, imagine that you could rest in the positions ad that nothing more was needed! What a result! Incredible! So I was totally totally and completely fascinated and in love. I went to London and my friend Norman Blair for a teacher training course, then there was Sarah Powers. I loved Sarah’s way to weave in meditation, Buddha’s teachings into yinyogan. What I thought less about was that she mixed in so much yang! Why? It was mainly “regular” Hatha and a little yin in the end. For me Yinyoga was number one! I needed Yinyoga the most , then came other yoga forms in the end. Therefore I decided to completely focus on Yinyoga in my teaching .
I had my two classes at Naomis , year in and year out . Only Yinyoga but with meditation as an incorporated part . The classes became more and more popular, I had an average of 25 people on each session. It was the most popular yoga at the studio . We asked ourselves why. I think it’s because Yinyoga is such a quick- slow fix. Only after one class the feeling of its effect makes huge difference.
One day, Lena , a student of mine asked : ” Why don’t you write a book about Yinyoga ? ” Yes, why not , I thought. My main income was in journalism.

I had already been participating in my friend Karins (Björkegren Jones) book Yoga Erotica. The principal book-idea was Planet Yoga (a book I still write on!) So when I and the publisher began to talk about Planet Y, I mentioned my idea to write a book about Yinyoga, a book that I myself wanted to read . A book in which I showed that Yinyoga can be carried out by each body and each age. I simply wanted to share the revolution that Yinyogan meant for me!
Theodor, the publishing manager became very interested … yes, and the rest is history. Serenity Yinyoga has now three out of print editions (about 15 000 books sold –  almost a record for a nonfiction book in Sweden).
A year later came many emails came asking why I didn’t have any Yinyoga Teacher trainings? There were no Yinyoga-teacher training in Sweden. Well, why not, I thought. This was three years ago, now I´ve  certified at least 170 Yinyoga teachers in Sweden!
I know what is behind the success. You feel that the book and the app are completely genuine (the English app is out any day now). It comes from the heart. Although I love ashtanga, yin yoga is still the main yoga for me. The one who changed my life, the one that changes the lives of so many.
I want to say thanks to everyone who bought the book and continue coming to my classes and teacher trainings. Together we spread this miraculous and at the same time so simple body treatment.
We help ourselves to greater peace of mind and body, and through it we create peace-rings on the water.
Big hug from me!