Yinyoga in Greece


I was doing some Yin Yoga on a beach in the Greek Dodekaneses, when a woman approached me and asked if she could join. Her name was Maria and she was from Alexandroupoli. She has tried some yoga but she didn’t liked how the teacher forced her into the positions so she stopped. Instead she started to do a slow stretch (she called it) at home alone. After half and hour of yin yoga on the beach Maria said (almost tears in her eyes!) that this yoga was “the key to my body; -what a lucky day for me today that I have decided to come to this beach and found you and yin yoga, thank you!”. Well, I thank my teachers (Norman Blair), and the blessings this yoga gives to me and to so, so many people around the world.

Here is the sequence we did!


GR3IMG_7100Eye of a needle

Gr4IMG_7103Here I say: “Come, come its so easy!”

GR5IMG_7106Marias first yin pose!