Butterfly Variations


Butterfly – a very simple posture that has many varitions. Begin by bringing together the soles of the feet Bernie Clarks calls this the most spiritual position since it unites the soles;), depending on how far away / near the groins you hold your feet, the position will stimulate different parts of the thighs / back and different meridians. The closer to the groins, you will stimulate the Liver , the further away the feet get, the more urinary bladder / kidneys stimulation. Also try to twist in different directions, ie keep your head to the right for a few minutes and then left, then you will also get to the Gall bladder’s meridians. You can also make twists in the Butterfly (then the Stomach meridian gets stimulated). And lastly – try this position against the wall, especially if your back or knees are sore in any way.