Everyday Froggy-Yinyoga-Sequence!

Here is a nice Frog-sequence. Flexibility in the inner thighs releases the knees, but be careful to have some padding under the knees.
Remember not to stretch, not to pull, just relax (this creates a passive stretch).

1. Frogswan – This positions stretches bot the gluts and the inner thighs.Be careful with the knees, have bolsters under the belly.



Frogswan other side.
2. Frog with hands – Not only is the liver/kidney meridian stimulated, we also connect with the heart och lungs (and intestines).

Frog With hands
3. Frog Twist – Here tension in the side of the trunk is released.

Frog Twist

Frog Twist other side.
4. Saddle – Try half saddle if this one is to difficult, or put many bolsters/cusions under your back. Careful with knees, let the knees just fall to the sides, don’t stretch!


5. Dragonfly 1 – Stay up and just relax, or

Dragonfly 2 – come down – or both!

Dragonfly 2