This text has been posted on Instagram and got a lot of grateful comments Believing that one creates/manifests their own life can feel comforting. For many years, I lived by that principle myself. Until I became seriously ill with Graves’ disease (an autoimmune thyroid disease). I felt like it was my fault. That I had, … Läs mer

Dear all, The Metal Element has arrived. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Lungs and Large Intestine are in focus. In other words Detox. To clear away what´s not needed. To let what´s needed, that which is valuable, constructive and loving remain in our lives. Grief is the feeling associated with The Metal Element. To … Läs mer


It is early morning on Södermalm, Stockholm. Usually we hear the ”Bromma flight” rush past our roof at 7.00 AM. We call it the ”seven o’clock airplane”, but now it’s quiet. Quieter than in the cottage out on the country… Only a month ago we couldn’t imagine in our wildest fantasies, that the seven-airplane would … Läs mer


Is a question we sometimes get. Many of those who attend our own Yin yoga Intensives are already certified yoga teachers, they want to get an in-depth knowledge on Yin yoga, but some have a different background than yoga. They may go to a Yin yoga training to add another tool to their professions such … Läs mer


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This is an easy Yin sequence you are encouraged to practise when ever you feel off the ground and in your head. It creates a balance in the Earth Element (according to the Five Elements Theory (Traditional Chinese Medicine)). It calms the mind and settles the body. Also, to stimulate the acu point Spleen 6 is … Läs mer


This soup was inspired by the many similar soups we ate for breakfast/lunch in Burma. I could eat it every day. I can not grow tired of them. It’s almost like a hot salad, because you put the greens at the end so they are still crispy. At the same time you put a lot … Läs mer


Butterfly – a very simple posture that has many varitions. Begin by bringing together the soles of the feet Bernie Clarks calls this the most spiritual position since it unites the soles;), depending on how far away / near the groins you hold your feet, the position will stimulate different parts of the thighs / … Läs mer


(This Newsletter is posted here about a week after we send it out. If you would like to have it firsthand, please subscribe to it below). The waves hit the empty beach. The palms wade in the wind. The sky is sapphire blue and the water turquoise. We are on a remote paradise beach in … Läs mer