Upcoming workshops

Workshops and longer retreats

Because I believe that thoughts and feelings are just as important as the body, I like to focus on linking these three parts in my classes, workshops and retreats.

Sometimes my classes contains yogic / Buddhist philosophy but also psychology. Sometimes they are quiet with only my coaching that leads you into the presence of your body. Most often they are a mixture of all of these.

My popular workshops usually last anywhere from three to seven hours. Sample topics include:

– Thoughts & Emotions – Yin yoga and Mindfulness.

– The five hindrances – in yoga and life.

– The Five Elements – Yin yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

– Guilt, sadness and stress converted to freedom and relaxation.

– To open up the chest, hips and the mind.

– When I hold the meditation theme classes I focus on the mind, the silence, and to be in this moment. I often end with a so-called Dhamma speech.

– Relax & Rejuvenate – Restore – a workshop with Restorative yoga that takes us on the relaxations deeper spheres.

Please contact me for suggestions on workshop themes.